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What to wear to your photoshoot?

Short answer, whatever you would normally. I do not worry too much about what my clients wear, because I want to capture you as you usually are. Wear the outfit that you want to reflect in the photoshoot as a whole.

Are these photos for your LinkedIn profile? Wear business attire. Family photos for this year's Holiday cards? Wear more dressed up winter-wear. For everything else, choose outfits that are casual, clothes that are in good condition, and have an overall color scheme that fits the location.

Before we even talk about posing, let's talk about candids! Almost every photoshoot I go on, the final delivered images are a combination of both "Lifestyle" photography and traditional portraiture. Photography is so much more than just capturing an accurate likeness, its about telling the story of the moment and the subject.

Posing can be the most stressful part of any photoshoot. I will give plenty of guidance and advice on our shoot. If you want to do some research beforehand, I reccommend checking out Pintrest for up-to-date and creative ideas.

For most group photoshoots, I find that posing multiple people at a time is actually easier. "Squeeze in", "Smile" and other photographer jargon is usually all I have to say to get the shot!

Individual posing for portraits and headshots can often be more difficult. Without other people or animals to provide context, it can be awkward to simple stand there for the camera. I have found, that the key to good individual shots is relaxation. Practice finding a way to both relax your facial expression and body if you feel like you tend to tense up.

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